Connected ID™

The Equipment Industry Standard for Asset Identification


Built on the GS1 global standards for asset identification and commerce, Connected ID™ is a not-for-profit member organisation, advocating for inter-operability between brands in the industry, to remove the pain from compliance & commerce. 

Inter-operability Efficiency

Equipment owners and resellers, require the same product information globally.

They require this data from every brand or manufacturer. 

Through adoption of the Connected ID™ protocol, equipment manufacturers, resellers and users unlock viable compliance & efficient commerce.

Digitisation drives Connected ID™

Digitisation of equipment identification and compliance documentation is driving the requirement for Connected ID™.

With equipment owners purchasing from several brands, need to read identities & manage their assets consistently. 

Managing several brands of equipment, each with different proprietary serial formats and siloed systems is painful.

As manufacturers adopt serials that are machine-readable, i.e. can be scanned by RFID or smart phone, the requirement for a globally unique serial number format is required. 

ID Technology

Choosing an ID carrier, such as barcode, QR, data matrix, NFC or UHF RFID has previously felt like choosing the best race horse. A decision to be made once, painful change and adapt.

Connected ID™ is underpinned by GS1 identification standards, delivering consistent serial formats regardless of ID technology.

Join leading brands to pilot Connected ID™

The Connected ID™ Protocol establishes the essential equipment data and documentation critical for identification and management of equipment through it's lifespan.

In collaboration with leading equipment brands, resellers, AUTO-ID leaders, GS1 and equipment owners, Scannable is piloting the Connected ID™ protocol in 2021.