Explore our NFC Tag Range

Get everything you need to make your equipment scannable, so you can manage it with a tap of your phone.

I-Beam Carabiner NFC Tag

Intended for use on I and H-Beam carabiners where there is a recess to locate the tag. This tag sits flush or near flush on most of these styles of carabiners.

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Scannable Device

NFC Reader | USB-A

The Scannable NFC Reader enters the NFC identifier or serial number that is linked to your NFC tag into any application on your Mac or PC, without typing a thing.

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30mm Ø Helmet Sticker NFC Tag

For use on plastic helmets, where only certain adhesives are approved.
Our stickers use Petzl approved adhesive.

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15mm Ø x 25mm Length Heat Shrink

25mm cut lengths of adhesive-lined heat shrink to make life easy. Use with our 15x15mm on-metal labels.

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15 x 15mm On-Metal NFC Tag

High-tack self-adhesive sticker for use on small metal equipment.

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Zip Tie NFC Tag

Can be used on any item with a maximum diameter of 5cm.
Typically useful for harness gear loops, tools or any equipment where mechanical movement is not inhibited by the use of a cable tie.

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