March 7, 2023

How will you level up safety in 2023?

James is the owner of White Dragon Access, a company that provides Rope Access, Industrial Climbing and Difficult Access and Rescue services across the UK.

White Dragon Access prides itself on professionalism in the services it offers, with safety being at the forefront of everything James does. His company is dedicated to improving best practice, and regularly ensures his team are on top of their game through ongoing training and education. “We aim to promote and maintain high standards, safety and work quality in every work scope we carry out as well as within the Rope Access industry as a whole.”

Like many in the height safety industry, logging equipment and recording inspections has been a time-sink for James, and so he’s decided to level up his safety once again in 2023, adopting Scannable to help save time, make equipment information easy to find, and recording inspections a breeze. 

Inspections are a crucial part of keeping everyone safe on the job, but let's be real... logging inspections can be a bit of a drag. Just like a good rope, inspections are essential in order to keep things running smoothly though.

While it is important to always use proper PPE that is in good condition, it can sometimes be difficult to establish the history of a piece of equipment, or what the manufacturer’s specifications are. 

Traditionally, equipment and inspection logs have either been recorded in a notebook or spreadsheet, with manufacturer’s documentation being tucked away in a folder in a dusty back corner of an office... which is less than helpful if you quickly need to find out the specs on a piece of kit to see if it’s fit for the job! 

The good news is that with the use of technology, logging inspections can be a lot more convenient and efficient. 

Scannable helps remove the paperwork from inspections and equipment management. Our extensive database means no more manually entering equipment information, just search, add the serial number, date of manufacture, and date of first use, and save to your kit list. 

James decided that making his equipment phone scannable and having equipment information at the tap of his phone would not just help his team to level up their safety, but save his team time too.

James has added Scannable’s NFC tags to his equipment to take things to the next level. 

Having NFC tags linked to your equipment means that you’ll never have to search those dusty notebooks and folders for equipment information again. Simply tap your phone against the tag to record inspection results, see the equipment’s specs, and access declarations of conformity and user manuals.

NFC tags allow for easy tracking and management of fall protection equipment, and makes it possible to identify equipment long after the serial number’s been scratched up and become unreadable. 

Once you’ve saved equipment to your kit list, it’s simple to add an NFC tag. Check out our How-To guide here

Scannable’s web dashboard makes equipment inspections a breeze for James’s warehouse team. You can print inspection reports and record equipment inspections from a computer, just log in with your existing account details and you’ll have full access to your kit list.

This how-to video shows you how to record inspections including photos and inspection notes, view historical inspections, and print inspection reports using the Scannable web dashboard. 

James says "Providing safe, competent and professional services can only be possible if you are compliant. Scannable plays a major part in White Dragon Access' compliancy."

James is levelling up safety in 2023 with Scannable. #belikejames.