Easily scan, track, and manage your Rescue PPE and equipment.

Scannable Pro gives you everything you need to manage your rescue equipment across teams, locations, kit bags, vehicles, and more.


A comprehensive list of your organisation’s equipment

Compile a detailed company inventory in one place, accessible by all team members.

Quickly add equipment from our extensive equipment database

Scannable’s equipment database holds the details of 26,000+ PPE products from over 280 manufacturers. This means you can add new items to your inventory in seconds, and say goodbye to manual data entry.

Create your own product templates for bulk inventory creation

If the product you’re looking for doesn’t exist in our database, or you manufacture your own products, you can add one or many products, splices, or components using our easy product creation tool.

Assign equipment to your team

A quick and easy way to reference and manage the equipment your team has been issued with.

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Assign equipment and
track its movements

Easily identify what equipment you have across your team, contractors, and fleet.

Assign your equipment to:

Kit Bags




Set inspection alerts

Know exactly when your equipment is coming due for inspection by setting alerts.

Share inspection reports

Cut out paperwork and take safety to another level! Easily share inspection reports with clients, inspectors or auditors.

Multi-scan your equipment

Increase productivity by moving and assigning equipment and recording inspection results in bulk by scanning multiple items—just like a supermarket checkout.

Trusted by Rescue Teams around the world

Scannable truly wowed me with its exceptional functionality and efficiency - a game-changer in the world of asset Inspection.

Eve Halcyon
Executive Director,
Spider Rope Access

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Scannable Access

Perfect for individuals

The easiest way to manage your equipment and record inspections.


Scannable NFC tags sold separately
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Access includes:

  • Create a clean inventory of your gear, with unlimited equipment
  • Scan 2D codes from Petzl, Courant, etc
  • Add NFC tags to each item
  • Record Pass/Fail inspection results, and share PDF reports
  • One user per account


Designed for teams

Manage equipment across multiple users, with incredible efficiency.














USD per year
Excludes GST / VAT / Sales Tax
Scannable NFC tags sold separately
30 Day Free Trial

Everything in Scannable Access, plus:

  • Add team members and assign equipment
  • Assign equipment to Kit Bags, Vehicles, Clients, and Locations
  • Bulk Scan items for inspection and reporting
  • Set notifications for upcoming inspections
  • Monthly or Annual plans

Pricing is based on your inventory size, in bundles of 100 to 1000 items, indicative pricing above. Start free (no credit card required), and calculate your pricing at the end of your Scannable Pro trial.