Rope traceability,
without the paperwork.

Create phone-scannable serial numbers for every cut or spliced length of rope, and help your customers actually keep track of their equipment with our free app.

Equipment management for all sizes of team.

Solutions for individuals, sole traders, and bigger organisations.

Set up your regularly sold products.

Whether you are bundling SKUs or creating spliced products from other manufacturer's ropes, Scannable enables you to easily create and manage these products while streamlining your customers onboarding experience.

Create serials and labels for cut rope lengths.

Create unique digital serial numbers for each rope length. Use these serials to add QR codes to your current labels, or upgrade to NFC rope labels.

Share splice credentials with every splice.

Add your Splicer's accreditation details and specifications to every spliced length of rope.

Keep track of rope sales.

Track ropes by batch, sales and purchase order numbers or customer name, making it simple for you to keep track of rope, better plan ordering, and know exactly who to contact in the event of a recall.

Maintain rope traceability.

Give your customers the traceability they need by recording the master spool batch and linking it to the serial number you create.

Record inspections of every splice.

Evidence your quality control by taking a photo and attaching it to the record of every splice.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question we haven’t answered? Get in touch!

How do I get started with the app?


Check out our handy getting started guide for help with searching for equipment, saving equipment to your kit list, and adding NFC tags.

How much does it cost?


You can download our app and start saving equipment to your kit list for free! Take a look at our pricing page for a list of premium features and pricing.

Can I use Scannable on my computer?


Yes! Head to for our web-based  dashboard. Just sign in using your existing details to access your kit list, inspection results and more.

What is NFC?


NFC (Near-Field Communication) is a type of wireless technology that allows data to be exchanged, Read this blog if you want to geek out on NFC technology.

Do I have to use your NFC tags?


You can still save equipment to your kit list in the Scannable app if you don’t want to use NFC tags, but you miss out on having phone-scannable equipment.

Why should I use Scannable?


Scannable gives you all the information you need about your equipment, and the tools to make this information easy to use.

Can NFC tags be used with any phone?


NFC is the same technology that lets you make payments with your phone. If you can use your phone to pay for something, you can use your phone with our NFC tags. Read this blog for more.

How do I know what NFC tags to use?


We wrote this blog to show you which tags are best for what equipment, and give guidance as to where and how is best to apply our NFC tags.

Is Scannable just for equipment users?


Scannable has a solution for you no matter if you’re a sole trader/contractor, a small team, a large organisation, a rope splicer, a reseller, an inspector, or an equipment manufacturer.