Rope traceability, without the paperwork.

Create phone-scannable serial numbers for every cut or spliced length of rope, and help your customers actually keep track of their equipment with our free app.

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NFC tags

Offer your customers a phone readable solution that works across all brands of equipment.

A solution for every customer

Regardless of what software your customers use to manage equipment, Scannable can plug in and remove manual data entry.

Rope Labels

Durable, phone readable rope labels that connect each rope length with its master spool.

Digital Rope Labels

Create unique digital serial numbers for each rope length. Use these serials to add QR codes to your current labels, or upgrade to NFC rope labels.

Equipment data from every manufacturer

Which means you don’t have to find, type or copy and paste this from websites.

Pricing built for everyone.

Whether you are a manufacturer, reseller or owner/user of PPE equipment, we have a plan to suit you.

This page gives an overview of our plans.
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Global Product Catalogue
USD / month

Publish your SKUs to our global product catalogue - for free!

Allow customers to compare your products by specification, certification and application.
It's like sharing the data to your own website, but we make it available to your customer to use within their software of choice.
We are the data supply chain that compliments your product supply chain.
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Supercharge your serials from
USD / month

Bundles starting at 100 serials per month.

Use your existing serials.
Increase customer satisfaction by reducing their admin and costs.
Reporting on percentage of serials registered, with the ability to send push notifications to serial owners.
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Go digital with NFC tags from
USD / tag

Resell tags to retrofit, or add tags to your products in production.

Give your customers a durable ID solution.
Works with mobile phones and USB Readers.
Improve the data and insights you can see by removing friction from your customer's workflow.
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