Easily scan, track, and manage your safety equipment.

Scannable lets you track the lifecycle of your gear, and gives you access to manufacturer data and compliance information at the tap of a phone.

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Scan the 2D codes already
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Scan equipment that has NFC tags embedded at manufacture

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Retrofit your equipment with Scannable NFC tags, designed for height safety

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The world's easiest-to-use Safety Equipment Management System

Managing PPE doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Scannable helps you simplify safety.

Super easy-to-use web and mobile apps

We’re working hard to remove every click we can from your PPE management, saving you time and hassle.

No more manual data entry

Scannable’s equipment database holds the details of 22,000+ PPE products from over 200 manufacturers. This means you can add new items to your inventory in seconds, and say goodbye to manual data entry.

Share your equipment info with anyone

Each piece of your gear is linked to a page on the Scannable website by its NFC tag. You can easily scan your gear, go to the webpage, and share that link with anyone—even if they don’t have the Scannable app.

Know exactly what equipment you own

Get a comprehensive list of your equipment, all in one place. This includes information such as serial numbers, date of first use, manufacturer’s specifications, and compliance documents.

Add new items to your inventory in seconds

Our equipment database means you can add new equipment in seconds, removing constant manual data entry, and letting you get on with the job.

Record and share inspections results in seconds

Get a list of equipment that’s coming due for inspection or inspections that have already been completed, and easily share inspection reports with inspectors or auditors.

Trusted with safety around the world

Thousands of people around the world trust Scannable with their equipment management, helping their teams stay safe.

Scannable is part of the evolution of rope access to bolster it’s credibility as a safe system of work.

Gareth Hallam
South Island Operations Manager, Groundfix

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Scannable Access

Perfect for individuals

The easiest way to manage your equipment and record inspections.


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Access includes:

  • Create a clean inventory of your gear, with unlimited equipment
  • Scan 2D codes from Petzl, Courant, etc
  • Add NFC tags to each item
  • Record Pass/Fail inspection results, and share PDF reports
  • One user per account


Designed for teams

Manage equipment across multiple users, with incredible efficiency.













USD per year
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30 Day Free Trial

Everything in Scannable Access, plus:

  • Add team members and assign equipment
  • Assign equipment to Kit Bags, Vehicles, Clients, and Locations
  • Bulk Scan items for inspection and reporting
  • Set notifications for upcoming inspections
  • Monthly or Annual plans

Pricing is based on your inventory size, in bundles of 100 to 1000 items, indicative pricing above. Start free (no credit card required), and calculate your pricing at the end of your Scannable Pro trial.