Remove manual data entry from safety equipment management

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Built to connect the safety eco-system and empower worker safety with answers to critical equipment questions.

The Scannable platform auto-populates technical & compliance data from any brand into any software.

Scannable suports equipment manufacturers, resellers and equipment owners to digitise their equipment identities and create digital profiles for each item, connecting compliance documents and  technical data.

Equipment owners can auto-populate their preferred asset management, inventory or inspection platform, removing manual data entry, reducing the cost of ownership and connecting manufacturers with end users.


The Network for Connected Compliance & Commerce

Scannable is Work at Height's first Equipment Cloud Platform, connecting the equipment value chain, end-to-end.

Create 'Digital Twin' profiles for your equipment on the Scannable platform, and allow any equipment owner to scan and access the product data.


As a network for connected compliance & commerce, Scannable enables brands to deliver compliance documents and product data to any asset management platform.

Connected Solutions Platform

Connected ID™

An industry protocol empowering viable compliance and efficient commerce.

Connected Equipment Cloud™

A cloud platform to manage equipment data, serialisation & traceability.


Your data distribution partner; 

A single API connection to a world of compliance & commerce apps.

Kit List

A free account for equipment owners to keep their equipment data, or integrate with their asset management platform.

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Scannable Pipeline:
Your data supply chain

Connect compliance documents, technical data and sales content with every unique equipment ID, and make accessing and saving this data frictionless.

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Connected Equipment Cloud™

A cloud based solution for every size and stage of manufacturer

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Mark your product
  • Scannable supports this stage with consultation sessions

  • Start with low cost 2D codes and add NFC or UHF RFID as you choose

  • Give your users a consistent experience across all ID technologies

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Equipment Owners Scan & Save
  • 2D codes and NFC tags scan by smart phone 

  • Users save items to their kit list with registration reports on manufacturer's dashboard

  • Users can access data within their inspection or inventory management software of choice

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Manufacturer Dashboard
  • Upload product data

  • CSV upload, attach JPGs & PDFs

  • Edit in place

  • API connections available

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Manage products & assemblies
  • Upload products and components

  • Create assembly products, using grouped product data

  • Combine batch and serial data during production assembly.

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Recalls & Safety Notices
  • Send notifications to all equipment owners in the event of a recall

  • Evidence action taken in response to the recall such as capturing photos of retired product


Frequently asked questions

What does digitise mean?

At Scannable, we have adopted the phrase "digitise", to mean 2 things: 1. The integration / application of an AUTO-ID technology, such as a 2D barcode (QR or Data Matrix), NFC or UHF RFID tags, making your products scannable. 2. The connection between each product's unique serial number and the relevant product information, such as certfications, user instructions, declaration of conformity and care guides and the many other helpful documents and colateral brand now make available.

Why should we digitise our products?

Managing and keeping track of height safety PPE is a pain. Digitising your products allows for rapid and accurate addition of inventory and management of assets through their service life.

Why do I need Scannable to apply data matrix to our products?

Well, you might not, you might be doing that already... But are your products easy to search for and is their product data accessible, the way your customers need it? Connecting your unique serials & product data into the Scannable pipeline makes your products searchable, accessible and managable to all users via one brand-agnostic solution.

Why should we use Scannable to distribute our data?

There is no consistent manner to distribute data in the height safety industry. Resellers & users are left to copy & paste from your websites or pricelist. Centralising the industry's product data makes it easier to search and compare, and allows users to draw down that data the way they need it, in excel, via API to their chosen software, or within a brand-agnostic kit list.

Which is best, QR, Data Matric, NFC or UHF RFID?

It depends on the market segment you want to service. Data Matrix - best 2D barcode option for "direct part marking", i.e. laser etching carabiners NFC - great as does not require a specific reader now mobile devices come with NFC UHF RFID - the industry standard for asset management, allowing for read on contact of single items, and distance scanning of mulitple items.

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