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January 2022

Kiwi Klimbers was founded by New Zealand contract climber, trainer and representative tree climber Dale Thomas, and has released market-leading innovative climbing products to the market since its inception some 10-years ago. The KiwiKlimbers Spikesender was a world first, made by KK in 2013. This ascending device is independent of the gaff and can be retrofitted to the KK Carbons or the Distel Geckos (Carbon or Classic) utilising the existing Gecko gaffs. The aluminium KK Spikecender bolts directly to the shaft, beneath the existing gaff, and tucks well out of the way beside your heel. The use of the KK Spikecender ensures smooth management of slack, while keeping your climbing line out of harm's way when ascending SRT or DbRT. Milled from aircraft grade aluminium and featuring a NZ-made Titanium ‘toothed’ cam, the KK Spikecender runs far smoother than any of the other foot ascender brands currently on the market. Dale has lightly tensioned the Titanium cam which seems to resist the tendency to create a bight in the rope on ascent. The aluminium KK Spikecender can only be used when attached to stirrups – KK Carbons or Distel Gecko.

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