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Whether you are a manufacturer, reseller or owner/user of PPE equipment, we have a plan to suit you.

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Equipment User plans from
USD / month

Scan, search and save equipment from any manufacturer to your free Scannable account.

Save equipment data like user instructions and compliance docs for reference when you need them.
Be kept in the loop if any of your serial numbers are subject to product recalls.
Integrate Scannable with your existing asset management software to remove manual equipment data entry.
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Resellers, Splicers and Manufacturers plans from
USD / month

Bundles starting at 100 serials per month.

Create scannable serial numbers for every product, or length of cut or spliced rope.
Deliver the product data and compliance documents your customers need.
Allow any customer to scan and save your traceability data into their software of choice.
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NFC Tags from
USD / tag

Add NFC tags at manufacture, retail, or retrofit your existing equipment.

Compact and Durable ID Tags.
Works with mobile phones and USB Readers.
Manage your equipment from your phone.
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