Your hands weren't made for typing.

Scan and save equipment to your kit list... for free.
And if you want to get fancy, add NFC tags to your equipment so you can manage it with a tap of your phone.

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NFC tags

Compact, durable and phone-readable tags, designed with height safety equipment in mind.

Use your software

Easily save equipment information into the software you already use.

Equipment ID

Identify equipment with the tap of a phone, long after the serial is unreadable.

As easy as instagram

You didn't get into this work to do paperwork.

Manage your equipment compliance with the tap of a phone, and show auditors you know your kit.

Stop typing, start climbing

Save equipment data like instructions and certifications to your phone, without typing a thing.

Pricing built for everyone.

Whether you are a manufacturer, reseller or owner/user of PPE equipment, we have a plan to suit you.

This page gives an overview of our plans.
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Small Ops - Contractors

Scan, search and save equipment from any manufacturer to our free Scannable App.

A clean list of the equipment you own.
Save instructions and compliance docs for reference when needed.
Be kept in the loop if any of your serial numbers are subject to product recalls.
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Medium Ops - Plans from

per 500 items

Integrate Scannable with your existing asset management software.

Save equipment data to your existing software in three scans.
Increase the quality of your data while massively decreasing time spent adding new items.
Be kept in the loop if any of your serial numbers are subject to product recalls.
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Enterprise Ops - Plans from

Add Scannable to your existing management tools to save time and increase worker engagement.

Add new equipment in three scans.
Equip teams with an app they actually want to use.
Level up best practise by empowering higher frequency safety management with our easy to use tools.
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