Manage safety equipment
with your phone.

Scannable lets you track the lifecycle of your gear, and gives you access to manufacturer data and compliance information at the tap of a phone.

Scan codes and NFC tags from these manufacturers and more:

The easiest app for equipment management.

By making equipment phone-readable, Scannable removes paperwork and data entry from compliance and safety inspections.

Create a comprehensive list of your equipment

Save equipment information like serial number and date of first use, as well as manufacturer’s specifications and compliance documents without typing a thing.

Make your equipment phone-scannable

Add NFC tags to your equipment so you can manage it with the tap of a phone. Designed with height safety in mind, our NFC tags mean you can identify your equipment long after the serial has worn off.

Record and access inspection results

Have everything you need for equipment inspections in one place. Easily record inspection results including photos and notes, reference past inspections, and set reminders for upcoming inspections.

Equipment management for everyone.

Gear management solutions for individuals and teams.

Inspections overview.

Get a list of equipment that’s coming due for inspection, and inspections that have already been completed.

Assign equipment to team members.

Assign grouped or individual items of equipment to team members.

Group equipment.

Organise equipment into kit bags, vehicles, or locations, so that you always know the location of your equipment.

Share Inspection Reports.

Cut out inspection paperwork! Easily share inspection reports with inspectors or auditors.

Manage equipment movements.

Check equipment in and out with our efficient equipment management tool.

Set reminders and alerts.

Be notified of upcoming inspections, product recalls for equipment you own, and equipment end of life.

The Fastest Retrofit in the West!

Add NFC tags to your equipment in just three steps—so you can manage it with a tap of your phone.

Scan Packaging

Save equipment information like serial number and date of first use, as well as manufacturer’s specifications and compliance documents without typing a thing.

Scan Serial Number

Scan 2D codes that are already on the equipment, from manufactures such as Petzl, Courant, Singing Rock, ART, Taz etc or simply type the serial number.

Tap NFC Tag

Tap your phone against the retrofitted NFC tag. Find your phone’s NFC ‘sweet spot’ with this blog.

Trusted by the Height Safety Industry, worldwide.

Rope access technicians, arborists, and others who work at height around the world are loving Scannable.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question we haven’t answered? Get in touch!

How do I get started with the app?


Check out our handy getting started guide for help with searching for equipment, saving equipment to your kit list, and adding NFC tags.

How much does it cost?


You can download our app and start saving equipment to your kit list for free! Take a look at our pricing page for a list of premium features and pricing.

Can I use Scannable on my computer?


Yes! Head to for our web-based  dashboard. Just sign in using your existing details to access your kit list, inspection results and more.

What is NFC?


NFC (Near-Field Communication) is a type of wireless technology that allows data to be exchanged, Read this blog if you want to geek out on NFC technology.

Do I have to use your NFC tags?


You can still save equipment to your kit list in the Scannable app if you don’t want to use NFC tags, but you miss out on having phone-scannable equipment.

Why should I use Scannable?


Scannable gives you all the information you need about your equipment, and the tools to make this information easy to use.

Can NFC tags be used with any phone?


NFC is the same technology that lets you make payments with your phone. If you can use your phone to pay for something, you can use your phone with our NFC tags. Read this blog for more.

How do I know what NFC tags to use?


We wrote this blog to show you which tags are best for what equipment, and give guidance as to where and how is best to apply our NFC tags.

Is Scannable just for equipment users?


Scannable has a solution for you no matter if you’re a sole trader/contractor, a small team, a large organisation, a rope splicer, a reseller, an inspector, or an equipment manufacturer.